MAGIC in WADI RUM desert

with KKonscious

T R A N S P O R T yourself with me to the magical WADI RUM desert JORDAN

eid albloe wadi rum

SOLAR eclipse Workshop!!!

28 April – 3 May 2022

Aterizaremos en Amman, Jordania, seguimos hacia MAR MUERTO donde haremos un baño, seguimos en el desierto WADI RUM con conecciones, excursiones 4×4, charla astrologica de los eclipses, creamos un diario cosmo-personalizado con una intencion, viaje shamanico, hogueras, comida deliciosa. Para finalizar: la ciudad rosa: PETRA para disfrutar de esta maravilla de los Nabateans…. y te esperan muchas mas magicas sorpresas…te apuntas? ♥


♦ Karolina: +34.616.357.321 ♥

kkonscious solar eclipse

LUNA llena Workshop!!!

9 – 14 Junio 2022

Despues de aterizar en Amman, la capital de Jordania, comenzaremos el camino hacia el MAR MUERTO. Flotaremos alli :), despues seguimos en el desierto WADI RUM con conecciones, charla astrologica, diario personalizado cosmico, viaje shamanico, excursiones 4×4 en el desierto, comeremos delicioso y autentico, fuego + + + . Para despedida: la ciudad rosa: PETRA para disfrutar y despedirnos de este pais precioso, en esta maravilla de los Nabateans…. te apetece? ♥

Para preguntas: + 34.616.357.321 Karolina ♥

kkonscious full moon WadiRum DesertAndMagic

Or would you like to go alone on your DREAM VACATION…. ? … Let me know. I am here to connect you… ♥

feel the magic….

Imagine you are falling asleep watching the magnificent Milkey Way and its million and more stars just on top of you and when you wake up you have just in front of you the most spectacular sunrise….

where we can sleep ….

as many adventures we will have went through and km made, our stomach will get only km0 delicious healthy food cooked by the fire and in the most beautiful atmosphere ….

what we can eat ….

How do you feel?

READY to TRANSPORT yourself with us for some WADI RUM JORDAN magic? ….

No matter the age, the gender, the religion, the colour… if you are alone, a couple, friends, family…..

Come and have some fun and enjoy YOURSELF for Yourself with YOURSELF

T R A N S P O R T yourself on a desert ADVENTURE of your dreams... CONNECT with yourself outside your comfortzone.

Contact me and I will show you the magic of this place

I am here to bridge between this beautiful desert and its culture …. to TRANSPORT your body and soul to different magical dimensions

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” Life is better barefoot “

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