” A nomad I will remain for life, in LOVE with distant and uncharted places “

I was born in Poland (Poznan), grew up in Germany (Augsburg) and finished my Civil Engineering studies in the USA (Kansas City) where I was living 4 years. Now I am living in Castelldefels, Barcelona, Spain….


be curious be unique

TRANSPORT yourself with me ...

MI experiencia de TEMAZCAL

A casi 0 grados en Noviembre, aquí en el precioso bosque en las montañas de Catalunya, en un bikini brrrr que friooo, esperando el turno para entrar a dentro… “Por todas mis relaciones” … Aiiii que ilusión y al mismo tiempo MUCHO RESPETO a lo que pasara y que trabajo hacemos dentro… a POR LA VIDA, te amo!

Corona vacacciones – road trip a ALEMANIA en coche desde España

… nuestro mundo tiene TANTOS sitios maravillosos para llenarse de su energia y como me dice mi animal de poder: TODA LA TIERRA ES MI CASA…. y mi casa es tu casa… lo que quiero compartir contigo. AHO

ALONE in Wadi Rum Desert in Jordan – My personalized Vision Quest

I was alone. No one to please, no one to talk to, no one to listen to, just me. Wow. I had my princess bed outside in the middle of the camp. The stars, the darkness, the silence, some animals making noise. Squeezing the lantern in my hand and my eyes wide open: not to enjoy the stars, but to be AWARE if someone or something gets close. But who & what??? Impossible. Mind games. Darkness. Our mind and fear is amazing: “I can hear something, what is that???!!! Who is that???!!!… “

Follow The SIGNS & enjoy LIFE

Once people wake up from “the bubble”, everyone is searching for answers to the same questions: Who am I really? What is my purpose?… But what really matters is to notice and follow the signs life is showing you and to live in YOUR flow…

Indeed, it was supposed to be a different and very special Yoga adventure. – Part 2

Our last possible option of leaving Africa: cross the sea by a BOAT. After delicious “Last Supper” in Fez, another taxi at midnight and we took off toward the very north of Morocco…

Indeed, it was supposed to be a different and very SPECIAL Yoga adventure. PART 1.

As I always emphasize; there is before and there is after Sahara, well in this case IT REALLY IS: a new life has started for all of us.
There we were, the MAGICAL number 6, in the middle of the Sahara, joyful as children until the news also reached the peaceful desert and us: flights have been canceled and Morocco will close the boarders… Allah!

Magic in the Moroccan kitchen.

We are energy and we can live out of energy only, no food needed. The secret is not how much you eat, but what you eat and how you eat. On my very first trip to Morocco, something happend to me…

Fall in LOVE with your MAGICAL life, again!

We have many new beautiful projects cooking for all of us. Our intention is that apart from enjoying our magical place in the Sahara desert, you become more conscious about everything that surrounds you: what the eye can see and what only your heart can feel.

Es mas que un retiro de YOGA; encuentra tu origen

Este lugar es tan maravilloso y silencioso, con el cielo tan oscuro y tan estrellado, con las dunitas al lado donde sale el sol cada mañana con una sonrisa y casi lo puedas tocar, el desierto tan profundo que los atardeceres tienen unos colores que nunca has visto…

Pasión por el Sahara y el Yoga

“La adoro tanto a la Maite, que espero que la conocereis también, aquí, en este lugar maravilloso, donde el silencio es el publico, el viento la música y la arena los bailarines.” LOVE you SAHARA

MAGICAL Wadi Rum - Jordan Desert Trips

Are you ready for magical experience in the SPECTACULAR Wadi Rum desert in Jordan? Or would you like to host YOUR OWN workshop or retreat with your group in the fabulous desert?

TRANSPORT yourself with me ...


“Your -abracadabra- must have helped because today he says he feels better; yesterday it was very bad: I had to feed him, dress him, shave, etc.” : My dads whatsapp to me after the emotions cleaning, about his friend (72 who had heart attack)


What People are Saying

“I felt so light”

“I know Karolina was to clear my blocked emotions but I didn’t know when. The other day I was driving and felt so so light, like anything was possible to me. Then I looked at my phone and I saw message from Karolina that she has just done it!!! “

Monika Glod, Castelldefels

“Czulam sie zdrowsza”

“Po oczyszczeniu ,które zrobiła nam Karolina ,czyli mnie ,mojemu synowi i synowej potwierdziła​ się opinia ,że to działa. Oczywiście byliśmy bardzo sceptyczni ,bo trudno sobie wyobrazić ,żeby coś zadziałało na odległość, a​ jednak. “

Halina Sawicka, Poznan

“Ich habe mich so friedlich gefuehlt”

“Danke liebe Karolina, ich hab mich am selben Tag so wunderbar leicht und friedlich gefühlt. Total entspannt und frei von Negativem. Deine Tipps und Übungen binde ich in meinen Alltag ein und sie helfen mir sehr.”

Sabine Walter, Augsburg


Karolina, al ayudar con su terapia a mi perro enfermo, no solo lo alivio a él, sino que al desbloquearlo a él, ha Limpiado cosas de todos, incluso, para comprobación de nuestra desconfiada mente, ha acertado con la edad en que se bloquearon Emociones de miembros de la Familia!”

Silvina Pereyra Ulacia, Castelldefels



“The journey itself is my home”

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