Emotions cleaning

Your – ABRACADABRA – must have helped because today he says he feels better; yesterday it was very bad: I had to feed him, dress him, shave him…  My dad’s whatsapp about his friend who is 72 & had heart attack

Jozef Kiwerski, 70

Senior, Poznan, Poland

I knew Karolina was to clear my blocked emotions but I didn’t know when. The other day when I was driving and I felt so so light, like anything was possible to me. Then I looked at my phone and I saw message from Karolina that she has just done it!!! That was incredible. I felt free and relieved. And the best thing is that it still continues! I personally think everybody should do it. At least that is a great thing to start with!

Monika Glod, 40

zBarcelony , Essential Oil Queen, Castelldefels

What it is

At some point in our lives an event might occur that is so emotionally strong—consciously or sometimes even unconsciously—that the emotion stays inside us. Sometimes this could be an emotion that we inherit from our parents, grandparents, or ancestors. We are somehow blocked, and we may not even know it.

This trapped emotion builds a “wall around our heart” that prevents us from being fully happy, abundant, healthy, and joyful. It keeps us from living our full purpose, which is abundance and love.

Every emotion is a vibration of pure energy and has its own frequency. Our body is made of atoms, which is also energy, so we are affected by the energy of our emotions because our body is also made of energy.

A single trapped emotion can create both emotional and physical problems (for example, any chronic pain).

What I offer

I FIND clean and release all TRAPPED EMOTIONS from the emotional body of people and animals (yes, animals also have emotions) that I am allowed to find.

I list all the trapped emotions that I find and which organs they may have affected.

I also list at which age these emotions were trapped. Some of those may sound familiar.

There is no need to be here with me. Everything is done at distance.

What to expect

Once ALL THOSE TRAPPED emotions are found and RELEASED, they are GONE from the heart and one is free of their burden.

One might feel different: lighter, happier, healthier, joyful. Any pain that was there disappears. One might behave differently or any other event might occur, whatever the soul needs in that moment for its fulfilment.


Looking from IT project manger perspective and mental way of being, firstly I just wanted to check what is the emotion clearing…let’s try and see….and then one day…I suddenly started feeling lighter…lighter in my soul, and all appeared to be easier in my life. I discovered why….when I got the report about emotions cleared by Karolina that day! I was shocked with precision of emotions identified that were locked. All made sense….from mental perspective too, I was able to clearly define and match events that caused them in my life….anyway….after they are not important anymore as they were cleared!!! Highly recommended, clearing emotions is a key and may enable your new life. Thank you Karolina….with love.

Pawel Glod, 40

IT Project Manager, Castelldefels

Karolina performed an energetic cleansing on a fearful dog that lived most of her life in the animal shelter where I currently work. I didn’t have any knowledge about this kind of cleansing at that time and I have to admit that I used to be pretty sceptical about the what so called “energetic dimension“, but surprisingly after the cleansing the dog started being happier, with a sort of smile on her face. She was smiling through her eyes!! Little by little I observed the transformation of her behaviour too, she started trusting humans more and approaching us with more confidence. She revealed her true self, a joyful and sweet soul ready to live new adventures! Thanks Karolina, you did a miracle!!!

Francesca, 36

Animal Caretaker, Sitges

” HAPPINESS…  is a freshly cleaned house “

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