Barcelona Beach Breaks

A perfect location for the perfect vacation.

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Karolina: +34.616.367.321

Our apartments will be the perfect starting point to your well-deserved vacation! Whether you want to enjoy Barcelona or a leisurely stroll (or laze) on the beach, swim in the warm waters of the Mediterranean, eat good food in the wonderful restaurants on the promenade, listen to live music, soak in some sun, explore Barcelona & the surroundings, shop or whatever else you heart desires – You don’t have to go very far! Summer and winter, it’s the perfect place for anything.

Our apartments are located in one building by the sea and it is family business and belong to two brothers. My name is Karolina and I will be helping you with all.

Castelldefels Platja is a great place to be, since you have beautiful Barcelona & Sitges close by, Priorat Wine County just here close by for delicious wine tasting and soaking in the nature and authentic towns around.

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THE Beach Castelldefels

” You are not a drop in the ocean, you are the entire ocean in a drop”


” Travel not to find yourself, but to remember who you have been all along “

Apartments with THE view

The soothing sound of the waves can be heard from the private garden from Apartment 2 or the balconies of the apartments in the top floors. Only one footstep away from the apartments is the beautiful fine sand beach and mile long promenade.

host your workshop / retreat with us

Are you dreaming of hosting your own DREAM workshop or retreat? Are you looking for the perfect place? The perfect organization and energy? Contact us, we would LOVE to help you out, in any of our locations: by the beach Barcelona, Spain – in the Sahara desert, Morocco – or in the beautiful wine County PRIORAT, Spain.

There are many ways of traveling



Are you traveling with your drum to different dimensions 😉 and also all over the continent?

I have some beautiful DRUM BAGS that I have desigend and you will have your beautiful drum well protected for travels.


“Have intention, sacred will travel, aho. “


Un fin de Semana o mas para Sentirse Bien

Una estancia para relajar, disfrutar de los talleres de Feng Shui, el Yoga y otras maravillas, al lado del mar.

Visita y cata de vino en el Priorat, o otras actividades…

Short trip to relax, be in THAT MOMENT, enjoying workshop the Feng Shui, Yoga and other miracles by the sea … or even a day trip for wine tasting in the Bodegas in Priorat, just around the corner.


Feeling like escaping the beach and city life into the nature, just for one day to PRIORAT WINE COUNTY and enjoy some delicious wine tasting? Visiting the first house in town, family house,  from year 1000? Walking the authentic beautiful old town and its narrow streets?

Let me know.

KAROLINA: +34616357321



Notebook with beautiful sea view, our sea view, this one here, just in front of our apartments. Designed by my friend Monika.

Would you like to have one with you, and everytime you look at it you feel like being just here, in front of the beach and enjoying that very moment?

Get one or two…



Would you like to have a FABULOUS poncho made here? Designed by my friend Silvina. There are not two of the same, each design is UNIQUE! For more pictures and order check:

Instagram: COOLEASY2020

Call or Whatsapp Silvina:+34.686.50.63.32.

You can also visit and Book our Apartments through AIRBNB


” Vacations mean a change of pace, a gentleness with ourselves, a time of rest and renewal, and a time to stretch ourselves and encounter new people, new lands, new ways and new options. “

Ready for a break by the beach?

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